I always knew Olly Polly would evolve as Olive grew older, my constant source of love and inspiration and that is how Olly Polly Play came about. In my somewhat fruitless search for beautifully crafted, locally made toys the idea was born to make our own. There’s just something about those old school hand made wooden toys like hobby horses, pull carts and doll houses that resonate with me and I just couldn’t let the niggling idea pass me by, fast forward a couple of months and here we are.

Shoot day was incredible (albeit a bit mad with 6 kids running around) and unlike every other shoot I’ve done I decided to not do it in my home but to hire a studio and I’m so glad I did. Studio 031 made the day run incredibly smoothly with hands on assistance, music for the kids (wheels on the bus anyone?) and tea and cookies. My sanity however would not still be in tact if it wasn’t for my sister who even at 7 months pregnant was there the entire day dressing munchkins and helping out.

Here’s just a small taste of our 3 hour long shoot, so be sure to keep following on our social media platforms for more in the upcoming weeks.

I adored making this dolls house! An investment piece for a special little girl or boy the Olly Polly dolls house comes complete with miniature replicas of all the Olly Polly furniture you’ve come to know and love. From our house bed, mouse ear chairs, cloud table and house clothing rails, we’ve thought of it all. Special details such as tiny book ledges, teepee shelves and crocheted rugs are included in your purchase as well as two hand painted wooden peg dolls much to your little ones delight.

Each doll house is personalised and made with care for each recipient so that no two houses are quite the same.Made with love and care and most importantly made to last.

I have been drooling over the black and white scandi road maps on Pinterest for ages and wanted to make my own but to also make it an original, something unique to Olly Polly. Thats when I decided to get in touch with my graphic designer (although I would classify her more as a dear friend than anything else these days) to do a custom illustration for me. Leaving it in Andrea’s capable hands I was absolutely blown away by what she came up with! A beautifully designed road map of South Africa that can take your little ones on a journey through the sunny coast of Durban to the buzzing metropolis of Joburg to Cape Towns table mountain. How clever!

You can find these beauties in store HERE

As always I am so incredibly grateful that people I admire are willing to come on board to help bring my concept to fruition. Special mentions to our adorable models Hudson, Skylar, Scarlett, Kaleb, Jake and Olive, as well as their parents for being there on the day and allowing them to model for us.

Custom Teepee: Totem Teepee Seagrass rug: Homestead Decor Cloud rug: Moskito Kids Clothing: Flynn Jaxon Dresses and bunny coat: Annaptat Star lantern: Tiny Tiger Kids Decor Ruffled jumpsuit and Mrs Mighetto print: Eurobebe  Behind the scenes super star: Teri from Choose a Row

Concept, styling and products all Olly Polly.

Photos by Wilma Towell Photography

Thank you for your kindness,support, talents and time. x