Ever since Olive was tiny, actually I think it even started when she was still in my womb, I’ve read to her almost every day. I love that special time with her when the craziness of the day has settled and its just the two of us snuggled up and getting lost in a favourite book. The older she gets the more I seem to enjoy this time, she has begun to question and remember and at times is even able to recite exerts from her favourite books word for word. Seeing her imagination grow through reading is wonderful and something we encourage.

This is one of the reasons I began making book ledges, my most popular item to date and I cant tell you how happy it makes me that the reading nook feature in children’s rooms has now become a trend! Its so easy to create these little sanctuaries with a few key items and this post is going to show you how.

The use of canopies to create an intimate space to curl up with a book is one of my current favourites. Throw in a little floor rug or play mat, some cute cushions and a book ledge and you’re set!

Trying to find a supplier of these beautiful canopies has not been an easy task though so when Hanja from Sprout Kids Co. told me she is about to launch a range of these I had to have one! Keep your eyes peeled on her site for the launch coming soon. If you cant wait for that (but you really should) I also found another supplier, Moocachoo who do the most incredible vintage pink. *swoon*

Get the look with these products: Cushions and Ledges via Olly Polly ; Canopy via Moocachoo

Another easy way to create a little hideaway is with the use of a teepee, it takes my childhood fort love to the next level! Tammy and Roy from Totem Teepee are wonderful to work with and so obliging to help make your teepee vision come to life. From lace to monochrome they can do it all! (pop on over to their facebook to see the possibilities)

If its book ledges or floor bookshelves you need, Olly Polly has you covered and we’re always happy to do custom colours if you require. Pop on over to the shop here to see the options.

Get the look with these items: Cushions, play mat and ledges via Olly Polly ; Teepee via Totem Teepee 

A few other local brands I absolutely love that make interesting cushions and plushies to make that corner cosy are Panda and Frost ; Sprouts Kids Co. and  Mayalief

Finish the look by dressing up your teepee or canopy with gorgeous garlands from Tiger Lily and Two Peas & a Peanut and you’re done!

Happy reading!

Collage images found via Pinterest