Farrah is Not a Dalmatian


Written and Illustrated by Adrie LeRoux

Farrah is a small dog with a big problem. Everyone thinks that she is something that she is not! What happens when no one notices that you are different?



ADRIE LE ROUX is an artist and illustrator based in Pretoria, South Africa. Adrie holds an M(Phil) degree in Visual Arts (Illustration) from Stellenbosch University, and is currently working towards a PhD in the same field, focusing on wordless picture books in creating a culture of reading. Adrie has also illustrated Elena Agnello’s I AM ALEX for Bumble Books.


  1. Angela Rea

    This book is such a winner! My three year old son and I devoured it. It has become a firm favorite at bedtime and we have read it at least once a night since we got it.(We read a lot). I love that it is South African written and illustrated. And that it has a message for the children too that everyone is looks different but at heart we are all still human. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone!

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